Reliable Network

To meet the needs of customers, a strong network is key. MES maintains long-term business relationships with partners who add value to its services.

Several of our partners are so enthusiastic about our webcast platform SlideSync that they offer value-added services based on it.

NTT Cloud Communications

Reseller & partner for
teleconferencing services

NTT is the fastest growing provider of collaboration services such as unified communications, audio, web and video conferencing and virtual events worldwide.

Having awarded MES Premium Partner status, NTT relies on the flexibility and production expertise of MES’ Professional Services and the enterprise webcast platform SlideSync.

Media Broadcast

Reseller & partner for worldwide satellite transmissions

Media Broadcast (formerly the broadcasting company of Deutsche Post, later Deutsche Telekom) is Germany’s largest operator of transmission platforms for TV and radio, based on modern transmitter, cable and satellite networks.

MES achieves worldwide satellite broadband coverage via Media Broadcast.


Reseller & regional partner for Production

As a full-service provider in the field of live communication and event production, Habegger works with a number of specialists to offer all-round service. A cooperation with meaningful synergies – Habegger benefit from SlideSync and MES benefits from their expertise when it comes to on-site personnel and technical equipment in Switzerland.

8 days a week

Production partner

8daysaweek is a provider for event equipment. They offer a wide range of light, sound, video, conference, and interpreting equipment.

Their high-quality production standards allow us to focus on delivering end-to-end successful virtual events.



Leading cloud-computing provider on the market. AWS is reliable, fast; and MES has a long experience using their infrastructure.

MediaEvent Services was one of the first companies in Germany to receive the Solution Provider status by Amazon.


Shareholder Registration

Computershare is a leading global provider of shareholder communications and other diversified financial and governance services.

Thanks to our deep integration with Computershare, SlideSync events such as general meetings can be restricted to accredited shareholders.

Shareholder registration

ADEUS is the leading service provider for registered shares on the German market.

ADEUS offers tailor-made solutions for setting up and maintaining share registers and supports integration with SlideSync for general meetings.

Shareholder registration

Link Market Services offers competent and comprehensive support in all aspects of share register management, investor identification and general meeting management.

The integration with SlideSync allows to authenticate shareholders for closed transmissions.

Shareholder registration

Better Orange is one of our partners for annual general meetings and capital market communications, with a particular focus on the German stock market.

Integration with Better Orange allows limiting SlideSync events such as annual general meetings to accredited shareholders.

Enterprise Content Delivery

StriveCast offers scalable software for enterprise video streaming and collaboration. Customers can use their cloud-based and on-premises eCDN to solve enterprise video distribution and to get real-time insights into the corporate network performance.

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