Professional Services

Live-streaming production service

Your partner of choice for digital events of any size

Our production crew can bring top-notch equipment along with decades of experience to your events.
Service is à la carte: If you have the skills to take care of some of it internally, we’ll only cover the parts you need help with.

Need professional production support? Just talk to the experts how they can help you. Wether you just need help with SlideSync or other webcast and collaboration tools, professional sound or camera support, on-site connectivity, perfect redundancy or satellite transmission from every corner of the world. They will support with experienced planning and process-oriented realization.

Together we evaluate your requirements and figure out the perfect settings.

Our service portfolio:
  • Production:
    Broadcast technology for Audio, Video, Encoding & Transmission
    IP streaming
    Redundant streaming systems
    Event technology for corporate communications
    Interpreting technology 
    Use of customer infrastructure 
    Modern equipment
  • Webcast Operation Center:
    Broadcasting studio with satellite uplink
    Redundant internet connections
    Short reaction time 
  • Pre- & Post-Production:
    Video editing
    Adaptation & creation of assets
  • Event Support:
    Preparation/ Execution & Postprocessing
    Dedicated event support
    Modular support as required
    Contact person on site, via phone, mail or chat
    active monitoring of your transmission/event
    optional previous test transmission
  • Transmission paths
    International satellite up- & downlink
    Live broadcasting with bidirectional transmissions
    internet via satellite, up to 20 mbits
    Production vehicles for short-term projects 
  • Training:
    Use of technical equipment training courses
    Instructions on the handling of Slidesync
    Coaching for the implementation of self-service events

Different platforms for different needs

No matter which system you want to use.
MES provides support for all common communication platforms. For example, we can assist you with the implementation of a video call with your own conference system up to the complete AV production with streaming. Our support is as flexible as you need it.

In addition, we offer the evaluation of the right platform in conjunction with you. If required, we can license the corresponding product in
cooperation with our partners.

Professional Service at work

We support many different types of events. Don’t think we only know superlatives. Take a look through our photo gallery and get insired. No event is too small, to big or to complex to benefit from the expertise of our Professional Services Team.

Lufthansa HR Webcast from Hong Kong
with our local AV partner and supervision from MES
Interpreter hub
Realization of short term transmissions with multilingualism from our studio
State of the art equipment
guarantees reliability due to perfectly maintained technology
Mini Productions for a small budget
Our smallest setup with webcam or tablet connected to a laptop
Pre & Post Production
Recording of content and video editing of recordings by our creative team
Lufthansa FlyingLab
Building a webcaststudio above the clouds on board of an aircraft
Satellite transmission or broadband internet via satellite
vehicle fleet for provision at short notice
MES Webcast Operation Center
satellite downlink and dedicated fiber internet connections get us on air within minutes
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