Live translation

AI-based live translations revolutionize live events and webcasts

New horizon for live events:
AI-supported live translations

With its AI-based live subtitles and translations, SlideSync offers a practical solution to the challenges of global communication at live events. This technology aims to improve accessibility and reach a wider audience without compromising on user-friendliness. Recent studies confirm that real-time translation can significantly increase inclusivity at digital events.

AI-based live subtitles and translation

Multilingual support
  • The ability to offer live transcription in up to 16 languages extends the reach and appeal of events. Thanks to artificial intelligence, this function not only facilitates understanding for a global audience but also helps to overcome language barriers. In this way, it helps to promote international cooperation and networking in a diversity-sensitive manner.
User friendliness
  • The SlideSync live transcription function is characterized by its user-friendly design. Organizers can easily activate this function in just a few steps. This uncomplicated handling not only lowers the hurdle for use in different event formats but also promotes acceptance by both the organizer and the participants.

Integration into live events

Flexible and versatile
  • From investor relations calls to annual general meetings and major conferences
    The live subtitle function can be easily integrated into various event formats. In addition, compatibility with common platforms enables flexible use in a wide variety of event contexts.
Improved attendee experience
  • The provision of live transcriptions can improve the understanding and thus the satisfaction of the participants. Subtitles make it easier to listen to and understand content, especially for complex topics or in environments where listening is difficult.

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Free availability and accessibility

The inclusion of the live transcription function in all SlideSync subscriptions is an important step toward making events accessible to a wider audience. Consequently, this function is available to all our customers at no additional cost, including those who use our Managed Service. With this step, we are reaffirming our commitment to barrier-free communication, inclusion, and diversity. We would be happy to advise you on other ways to make your event accessible and appealing to all participants.

SlideSync’s contribution to a diverse event world

The introduction of live subtitles through SlideSync is a valuable contribution to expanding the reach and accessibility of live events. In addition, this function facilitates the participation of a broader, international audience and offers organizers a practical way to enhance their events.

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