We realize digital media! MES builds individual solutions for distributing your digital content.

Live Webcasting

  • Live webcasting on site over IP
  • Provision of broadband or satellite access
  • Managed service or full self-service via SlideSync platform
  • Production of on-demand content
  • Synchronization of presentation slides
  • Real-time communication, community event chats

Hosting / Content Distribution

  • Powerful and scalable hosting with Amazon Web Services
  • Content distribution via powerful Content Distribution Networks (Akamai, Level 3, AWS)
  • Implementation of individual corporate CDN solutions for content replication and distribution in corporate networks

Application Development

  • Internet and intranet web applications
  • Apps for mobile and IPTV

Systems Integration

  • Digital Rights Management systems
  • Billing systems
  • Integration with existing Content Management Systems


  • Planning of audio-/video IP-delivery platforms
  • Realization and operation
  • Maintenance


  • Requirements- and market analysis
  • Technology consulting
  • Evaluation