L1000491 Kopie

Headquarters in the former Spilburg-Casern in Wetzlar

MES Gebäude

Berlin office in a former porcelain factory

An overview

MediaEvent Services is a solution provider for desktop and mobile media applications. Founded in 1999, MES develops systems for media distribution, content management, digital rights management and workflow focused on digital media. Our customers are major content providers and ISPs as well as retailers, industry and service providers. MES is a certified Windows Media Service Provider.


MES was founded 1999 as a provider for audio- and video productions and event management. 2000 saw the first large event webcast, and in 2001 MES was amongst the first European companies to be accepted into the Windows Media Service Provider Program. MES has since emerged into a one-stop solution provider, having successfully implemented several content and digital rights management systems, including a mobile streaming platform that was adopted by two of the four German mobile network operators.