SlideSync self-service Webcast platform launched

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Three years in the making, MediaEvent Services has launched its self-service platform SlideSync. The platform is already in use in a number of major corporations and is continually being extended by our Berlin-based development team.

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What makes SlideSync stand out?

Easy to use
Start without prior training. Just 5 simple steps to publish your live webcast. Add media via drag and drop and quickly share the event with your audience.
Sophisticated technology
Runs on all modern devices – be it smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
Built on the latest web technologies.
Proven security and data protection.

Flexible production options
Work with your computer’s built-in camera or attach professional hardware. Start a small webcast or do a large-scale production for a global audience.

Powerful user interface
Interact with your audience. Let users ask question during your webcast. Start a poll. Participants can scroll through your presentation, use a powerful full-text search, jump between chapters and resize the layout as required. And everything remains in sync.

Simple pricing
Competitive and flexible payment options. Choose between pay-as-you-go or sign up for a monthly subscription.

Fully customizable
Choose from our standard designs or get a fully customized set of templates for your organization. Require users to register with any data you need or let everyone join anonymously. Adjust any setting organization-wide according to your policies.

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