Webcast 3.0: Interactive Webcast goes iPhone & iPad

Screenshot iPad and iPhone with Interactive Webcast interface

Screenshot iPad and iPhone with Interactive Webcast interface

As of early 2013, a total of 400 million iOS devices have been sold – no fewer than 84 million iPads [1]. According to a survey by Silicon Alley, 36% of iPad usage time is devoted to web browsing, and 15% to video consumption – together accounting for over 50% of usage time [2].

Based on these trends, MediaEvent Services have now re-engineered their successful Interactive Webcast interface and added support for the full range of iOS devices. The new interface was successfully launched for the webcast of the Annual General Meeting of Deutsche Lufthansa.

In addition to previous features such as the slide navigation in Coverflow manner (now also supported on Apple Touch devices), a type-ahead search was added, which delivers instant search results with thumbnails as the user types in a search term.

The new iPhone version accounts for the reduced display space and features a full view of the slides along with an audio-only stream – in crystal clear quality. It includes the acclaimed navigation and synchronizes slide and audio content in both live an on-demand modes.

Our new interface supports all major streaming formats (H.264 for Flash Player and iOS, as well as Windows Media), automatically detects the device type as well as the supported video formats and bitrates. The benefit for marketing departments and agencies: They only need to integrate a single HTML link for all devices – it’s as simple as that. The benefit for end users: Playback just works – no technical expertise required, as there is no need to choose a format or bitrate. The new interface selects the ideal formation combination and excels at usability.

Watch the Lufthansa Annual General Meeting 2013

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