Leica Scientific Forum – The Silverlight Experience oder Webcast 2.0

Im Rahmen des Leica Scientific Forum hat MES heute ein neues Webcast-Interface gelauncht, das dank moderner AJAX-Komponenten intuitiv bedienbar ist. Herausstechend ist insbesondere die Foliennavigation, die an Apples Cover Flow angelehnt ist.

Der Windows Media basierte Webcast ist dank des Anfang Oktober vorgestellten Browser-Plugins Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 nun unter Windows, Mac OS und Internet Explorer 5, 6 und 7, Firefox 1.5 und 2 sowie Safari darstellbar. Wir nennen es Webcast 2.0 :)

Update: Die Plattform wurde weiterentwickelt und unterstützt inzwischen auch Flash Video!


Hauptansicht mit Slideflow
Hauptansicht mit Slideflow

Hauptansicht mit Slideflow

Hilfefunktion im Overlay-Fenster
Hilfefunktion im Overlay-Fenster

Hilfefunktion im Overlay-Fenster



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13 Kommentare zu „Leica Scientific Forum – The Silverlight Experience oder Webcast 2.0“

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  2. Michael sagt:

    Sorry if I overlooked it but is the new webcast interface available as a product?


  3. Kemal sagt:

    It’s useless in Linux…

  4. Michael – yes, we can build or sublicense this for you.
    Kemal – Silverlight support for Linux is in the works!

  5. Dino sagt:

    Is there Silverlight code resources available that allows us to stream a live webcast and push powerpoint slides at the same time?

  6. Dino, I just wrote you. We currently have this feature planned. I can’t give an estimate but I will announce this on the blog if and when it happens.

  7. Nekuia sagt:

    just a question: how much it coast (approx)? you can give me a private response on my mail too, of course :-)

  8. Sergey Sundukovskiy sagt:

    I have a number of questions about this product. Do you have some documentation I can take a look?

    1. Does it work just with Silverlight? What about Red 5 or Wowza?
    2. Is this an Open Source Product? If not what does it cost?
    3. What is the architecture of this solution? Is it streaming SWF converted from MPEG4 or H.264

  9. billy bob sagt:

    @Sergey –
    Not if it’s Silverlight – seeing as how that is Microsoft’s answer to Flash. They probably have coding specifically to call up the Silverlight architecture.

    But to the Devs – It would be great to know if you are going to release this as you have some of your other products or if there will be a fee.

    And as a spin on Sergey’s question above – are the Silverlight calls so embedded that it could not be adapted to using RAW video [MOV/ MPEG/ h264] or even Flash [SWF/ FLV] ??

  10. Daniel sagt:

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  11. LASER sagt:

    Where is the demo?

  12. Thanks, the demo link is now fixed.

  13. Alex Bony sagt:

    i haven’t seen demo yet? where is it?